It’s happened to all of us I’m sure, you’re happily working on a new project, and it’s not even finished when disaster strikes, and you discover greasy marks on the fabric!

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This is what happened to me recently whilst working on a commission. I’d been under stitching the armholes of a dress and when I removed the dress from the machine there were ugly great big splurges of grease all over the lining. I’d forgotten that the machines had been serviced just the week before and there was excess oil on the needle shaft.

In the past when this kind of thing has happened I’ve spun into a blind panic, trying to think of anyone within the vicinity of my studio who might have some talcum powder.

That’s an interesting conversation to have with your neighbours, I can assure you.

But then I remembered my Mum having this magic spray that she kept with the iron and laundry stuff when I was a kid so I set about finding out what it was called. Amazon came up trumps and I purchased my very own can of K2R.

This is not an advert, I’m not being sponsored, bribed or blackmailed, but I reckon we should all have a can of this stuff in our sewing arsenal. Just look at the results…

Spray all over the offending grease marks…


Wait until the spray has completely dried out, and all the spray has turned white. Then blow off the excess powder…


Use a scrap of fabric to gently rub the stuck-on powder from the fabric surface…


Et voila!


I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough. It is magic.

I won’t go to a wedding without it, and have been known to relegate ‘essential’ makeup items from a clutch bag in order to fit a can of K2R in instead.

I hope you find this useful, it’s certainly helped me out of a few scrapes.

Until next time, happy sewing! X

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