Kylie And The Machine Garment Labels – “Capsule Collection” – Pack of 6


Start planning your 2024 Capsule Collection today and adorn these labels as a finishing touch!

Capsule Collection was created in the ‘labels as tools’ category (much like ‘This is The Back’). It’s a practical label design that can be used for your own handmade wardrobe curation or motivation to start a fun new project!

Keeping it fresh and clean in a crisp monochromic style, these are the perfect finishing touch to your very own Capsule Collection.

We’ll be documenting Kylie’s journey of her ‘2024 Make Nine’ curation of hand mades this year, using our Capsule Collection labels. Follow along at our @kylieandthemachine #katmcapsulecollection for project updates and maybe you’d like to start your own 2024 Capsule Collection too!

Happy Project Planning! 🤍

Included in one pack:

3x White background with Black Text

3x Black background with White Text

53mm x 14mm

Label Type:
End fold


How to attach:
End fold labels are ideally sewn onto the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by top stitching each end.

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