Named Clothing – Lilja – Dress, Pinafore and Blouse


Lilja is a charmingly unique wrap garment that comes in three different variations an ankle- length dress, a pinafore dress and a blouse. Either variation can be sewn sleeveless or with bohemian, length puff sleeves. You can also choose either a round or square neckline, or a combination of both. The round neckline can be finished with either a facing or binding and ties. This versatile garment is both simple to sew and easy to wear.

For any variation, choose a light or medium weight non-stretch fabric. You can opt for a low drape shirting, such as poplin or light seersucker, or choose a fabric with drape, for example crepe or rayon challis. If your variation features bindings, you can cut them from your fabric, or use a pre-made binding
The fabric requirements include a 5% allowance for shrinkage. Note that the fabric consumption may be greater for fabrics with a pattern and for fabrics that need to be cut in one direction.

Sizes UK 4-28
Skill Level: Intermediate

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