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Following the success of last month’s colour analysis workshop we are running another workshop on Saturday May 24th. Book here if you’d like one of the limited spaces.

This is what you can expect from a colour analysis at Make It Workshops…

First of all we’ll get settled in with freshly brewed coffee and cake then Alex will give a little introduction into the history behind colour analysis and talk us though the theory and the different ‘seasons’ of colour.

IMG_8797colour workshop

Only one person can have there colour analysed at a time as it is an individual process, so you can watch each others session ( I personally find it fascinating) or you are free to use the studio to work on your own sewing project.

When it’s your turn in the hot seat you will be asked to remove all make up (it’s best to come without any on to start with) and be wrapped in pure white cloth so that no other colours (including your hair colour) are interfering with your complexion.

IMG_8822 text

You’ll be popped on a chair in front of the mirror in full daylight…

IMG_8838colour workshop

Alex will then drape coloured scarves below your face to determine whether you have cool or warm base tones to your skin. From here she will work through collections of coloured scarves to find your individual colour palette. It really is amazing to see how a colour can change the entire appearance of the texture of your skin, your eye colour, and how well you look, without a scrap of makeup!

There will then be a mini makeover to determine the best foundation shade for you, and the best lipstick shades.

IMG_8806colour workshop

The analysis process takes between 35-50 minutes and by the end you will know the season you belong to and the spectrum of colours that really enhance your natural colouring. There is the option to purchase a leather bound booklet of your personal colour palette and to have your colours ‘rated’- this is the process of determining which colours you can wear from head to toe, which would be best as a top or bottom, and which should be used as accents to add that extra splash of colour to an outfit.

Here are the girls draped with their personal colours after the last workshop, some were much happier with the outcome than others…

colour analysis workshop autumn leafIMG_8818colour workshopcolour analysis workshop vibrant autumncolour analysis workshop (reluctant) spring

The workshop includes a freshly prepared seasonal lunch and tea and coffee throughout the day. It starts at 10am and runs until 4pm (although once you’ve had your personal analysis you may want to rush straight out and hit the shops!) You can either watch each others colours or get on with your own sewing project. The workshop costs £60 for the day which includes your colour analysis, mini makeover, lunch refreshments and studio time. There is always the additional option to purchase the leather colour swatch booklet £45, and have your colours rated £20. There is also a fabulous range of makeup specifically pigmented to suit each season, available to order.

I do hope you’ll join us at the next colour workshop, it really was a great fun (and informative) day.  Here are what people have said about their own experiences…

“I’m quite shell-shocked really, all this time I’ve been wearing pinks and purples and now I find I should be wearing warm olive and rust. I’m going to enjoy going shopping next weekend with my little booklet!” Shirley (just found out she has ‘Autumn Leaf’ colouring).

“Before having my colours analysed I would pick colours at random and nothing would match in my wardrobe. Fashion dictated – not my skin tone, but now my wardrobe connects, even in the dark depths of winter I can look bright and cheerful.” Sonya (one of the bed dressed women I know – who discovered she was a Spring and has never looked back).

Until next time, happy sewing ! IMG_8810colour workshop

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