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I am addicted!

Truth be told I’m glad to be finished this project as all last week I was finding myself struggling to leave the house/go to bed/cook the dinner/achieve anything much. Just one more row I’d tell myself, just ONE more…


So on Sunday I knitted like a crazy woman and finished my cowl. Well, actually I finished the garment that will be from now onwards known as a scowl. It’s HUGE! Way bigger than the purl bee cowl I had fallen in love with, but still rather lovely, I’ll be wearing it wrapped round twice and fastened with a kilt pin.


I can’t wait to start knitting something else, I might even try the same thing again – and try to achieve slightly more accurate results. In the mean time I’ll be wearing my huge ‘scowl’ with pride and keep my fingers crossed for the cold weather to stay just a little longer.


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