Kylie and the Machine Garment Labels – Mel Stringer – Feel Yourself – Pack of 10


Feeling Yourself

‘Feeling Yourself’ in collaboration with Mel Stringer is all about a sexy sewing, feeling yourself, loving your body label collection!

Mel is a Filipino-Australian Visual Artist currently based in the USA. Her work consists of comics, animations, illustration and zines, typically featuring cute and sassy plus-size babes! We approached Mel for this project as we’re long time fans and absolutely love her comic book style illustration which is so fun and empowering! We knew she would be able to translate our intention through her illustrations seamlessly and that these graphic style labels will look amazing when sewn into any finished project!

Our hopes are that these labels will inject lots of fun energy into everyone’s upcoming sewing projects and serve as a reminder of all the lovely things from creating garments that don’t require a bra (the best!) to embracing our bodies, and just being playful in life in general!


These are straight cut labels making them great to put on the outside of your garments, whether you have sewn or bought them! You simply just attach the label straight onto the fabric as there is no need to add into seams – how cool is that?!

Included in this pack:

6 labels featuring illustrations by Mel Stringer.


No Bra Required – 30mm x 40mm

Happy Dance – 30mm x 40mm

Feeling Myself – 30mm x 40mm

Make. Learn. Grow – 30mm x 35mm

You Make My Dreams Come True – 30mm x 35mm

Does My Butt Look Cute In These – 30mm x 35mm

Label types:

Straight cut

How to attach:

Straight cut labels are ideally sewn onto your garment rather than within your garment seams. You can attach by sewing along the edge of the label or by just attaching at 2 or more corners.

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