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Snippets From the Studio


Ankara Fabric – And a few of my favourite pattern picks for working with them

African fabrics are something I had never considered working with until recently. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable appropriating elements of another culture just for aesthetic purposes. But then I spotted a fabric that screamed my name, so I did a bit of research into the history of what is often referred to as ‘Ankara’ fabric so that I felt I understood a bit about its history, and to ease my discomfort in using it as a fashion fabric. For those of you who’re interested there is much more to be read on these sites: vlisco , Since that first piece of cloth caught my eye I’ve grown quite a stash of African Wax Print cottons (and a couple of polyester impostors that might be lucky if they get made into garden cushions).But this got me thinking, and I put together a list of patterns that would work well with Ankara, without going... read more