Pop Art Print Bias Binding – 100% Cotton – 20mm Wide


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Beautiful quality Pop Art Style printed bias binding featuring a white background with pale grey polkadots, lipstick, stars, hearts, cacti, cupcakes, feathers, ice cream, lips, and many other images in the design.

20mm Wide

100% Cotton

Wash at 40 Degrees

Please note: This product is sold by the Metre

Tips for proper use: Whilst bias binding can appear fairly inflexible it becomes very malleable once warmed up with a steamy iron, and can create the most beautiful smooth curves when pre-pressed into shape. We always advise our dressmaking students to pre-press a curve into bias binding before applying it to necklines, whilst this may seem tedious, it is actually the best practise and will help to achieve a high end finish on your garment. Bias bindings are not always stretchy enough to be used on necklines, and so for something that requires more stretch we would recommend a fold-over elastic or a jersey binding.

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