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Today I took a tentative step into new territory and ventured into the yarn department in John Lewis.

It may have been the stunning striped tank top worn by the sales assistant (it really was gorgeous!) or perhaps a desire to escape the hoards of kids enjoying half term, but I found myself drawn towards the beautiful wools and yarns all neatly arranged by colour and weight in uniform Perspex shelving.

Despite not having knitted since an ill advised foray into the discipline back in Art college when a textile project led me to try knitting with twiddled up lengths of cling film on bamboo needles, I made a purchase. And not beginners yarn either, no, I’ve plumped for a gossamer fine kid mohair, alpaca, silk, and merino wool.

This is what I have in mind…


I fell head over heels for this cowl after a friend introduced me to Purl Bee, and spent a whole evening poring over their blog.

But I may end up a bit more like this…image

Anyway, it’s a project to start later in the year, ready for next autumn, but I am so excited by my frivolous purchase that I just had to share.

These are my beautiful yarns…IMG_7775

I’ll keep you posted.



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